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05 May 2014

7 auf einen Streich - DIE Kabarett-Mix-Show (05.05.2014)

German sitcom about the troubled neighbourhood called Wedding, which is a part of Mitte. It refers to the German TV soap opera Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten and focusses on daily life in the Wedding quarter. Today the prime time theater celebrates its 10th years anniversary.

Prime Time Theater,Müllerstraße 163,13353Berlin,Wedding,

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Editor/Comedy, Nonsense and Cabaret
At the start of the twentieth century Berlin was the home of German Cabaret. And today? You can still uncountable cabaret venues in the city: the famous ones like Wühlmäuse, Stachelschweine and Distel as well as smaller alternative off-theatres like Mehringhof-Theater, Bar jeder Vernunft or Quatsch Comedy Club. As always in Berlin: Something for everyone. Please ask us.Editor/

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