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Current Specialities

Our menu comes along with the following seasonal specialities...
"Whoever eats asparagus, does not sin."


Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, on the way to Weimar once made station in Beelitz post office, he wrote: "The asparagus is truly the king of all vegetables, only regrettable that his dominion is so short."


Cream of asparagus soup with sautéed asparagus, EUR 6.20

Zander fillet,fried crispy with green and white asparagus from Beelitz served with new potatoes and hollandaise sauce or nut butter, EUR 17.90

Wiener Schnitzel with freshly harvested asparagus, hollandaise sauce and new potatoes, EUR 18.50

Pink duck breast with freshly harvested asparagus, béarnaise sauce and new potatoes, EUR 19.90

Entrecote with a portion of asparagus from Beelitz, hollandaise sauce and fried potatoes, EUR 21.50

or of course just pure asparagus, freshly harvested from Beelitz with new potatoes and hollandaise sauce or nut butter
small serving of asparagus, 300 g, EUR 14.90

large portion of asparagus, 500 g, EUR 16.90


Marinated strawberries with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream, EUR 6.50


Our wine recommendation:
Kreuznacher Riesling, dry, QbA, Nahe,
Winery Paul Anheuser

0.20 l,    EUR 5.00

0.50 l,    EUR 13.00

This Riesling shows a fine flower. It is full-bodied and has a fresh acidity that is integrated harmoniously.

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