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Stay fit - with our conference breaks

Short break
Coffee, tea, fresh fruit and biscuits
€ 3,90 per person

Sweet break
Coffee, tea, Danish pastries and fresh fruit
€ 6,40 per person

Energy break
Coffee, tea and orange juice
Platter of various raw vegetables with a delicious cream dip
Wholegrain bread with fresh cream cheese
€ 7,50 per person

Rolls at your break
Coffee, tea, fresh rolls with cold cuts of meat or cheese
€ 6,50 per person

French break
Coffee, tea, croissants and baguettes with cold cuts of meat or cheese
€ 7,90 per person

Our daily best rates
 Single Double
18.04. Fri.  sold out    sold out
19.04. Sat.  € 52    € 95
20.04. Sun.  € 42    € 56
21.04. Mon.  € 42    € 56
Rates exclude Breakfast Buffet

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Berlin Info
Time:  22:49
Fri, 18.04. 11°C/52 F  
Sat, 19.04. 20°C/68 F  
Sun, 20.04. 20°C/68 F  
Distances from hotel
Centre 0.0 km
Fair 4.0 km
Trainstation 4.8 km
Airport 6.2 km
Freeway 1.2 km
University 1.8 km
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